‘I spent a fortune turning house into my dream home now I’m being kicked out’


Living in a rented home is becoming more and more popular as people continue to struggle to get on the property ladder.

And while those in rentals don’t own the house they live in, many of them will still add their own personal touches to make their stay more enjoyable.

But one mum on TikTok has been left outraged after she spent a pretty penny completely redecorating her rental to make it her dream home – only to be told by her landlord that he’s kicking her out so he can sell the property on.

Channay, who posts under the username @cleaningmum, said she had been handed a notice by her landlord telling her she has to be out of the property by January, even though she’s the one who did all the work on the house.

She wrote in one video: “When you’ve just spent ££££ on the house you live in for the landlord to give you a notice to leave by January. What a f***ing joke.”

The clip showed off some areas of the house, looking very clean and chic with lots of grey and white furniture – a home that the likes of Mrs Hinch would surely love.

And in update videos, she claimed that her landlord never kept up with any maintenance jobs on the house, so she was always left to do it herself.

She added: “When your landlord doesn’t keep up with the maintenance so you do it yourself and then he puts it up for sale. F***ing great.”

Channay then said she would be “homeless” by January, as she has nowhere else to move to.

The mum’s videos went viral and received mixed comments, as while some were sympathetic to her situation, others said she shouldn’t have decorated a house that wasn’t hers.

One person wrote: “I thought it was common knowledge that it’s not a good idea to invest in doing up a rental… because it’s not yours.”

While another disagreed, posting: “Everyone’s saying she shouldn’t have done up the house; however, some people like to live comfortably regardless where they live.”

As someone else said: “Take everything with you. And I mean everything that you paid for to improve the house.”

And a fourth person added: “Put the house back as they left it and take everything you paid for. Because it seems to me like they wanted to sell after you already fixed the place up. Absolute rob-dogs.”