Mum blows people’s minds with speedy cooking tip to fix food that’s too salty


When it comes to adding salt to recipes, it can be hard to know just how much a “pinch” really is – and that can leave you adding too much to the pot.

And while it may seem like an overly salted Bolognese is completely ruined, one mum on TikTok has unveiled a genius way to revert your meal’s salt content.

Vanessa, who posts under the username @vnklove, shared a video in which she was making a soup that she’d added too much salt to and to fix it she simply threw in one more ingredient – a potato.

She wrote on the clip: “Have you ever accidentally put too much salt in your food and didn’t know what to do? I’ve got a trick for you!

“Peel a potato, add it in your soup, and let it cook with it. That potato is going to absorb the excess salt.

“Now you can serve it like nothing happened.”

And Vanessa’s easy hack has people stunned, as commenters said they couldn’t wait to try out the trick for themselves the next time they cook.

One person wrote: “I didn’t know this, thank you!”

As another said: “Wish I would’ve seen this two nights ago, it would’ve saved my dinner! Thanks for the information.”

While other commenters shared other tips that also reduce how much salt you can taste in food, such as adding sugar or pepper.

Someone said: “I learned putting in a little sugar works too! I know it sounds weird, but it does the job with no hassle!”

And someone else posted: “Just add pepper! Salt and pepper neutralise each other.”

While a third added: “Or just add more liquid.”

Other tips to tackle salt that people left in the comments of the video included using something acidic such as lemon juice or vinegar, while one other commenter said the potato trick also works when you’ve added too much chilli to a dish.