‘I’ve spent £7,500 on Christmas decorations this year – we’ve got EIGHT trees’


A mum who makes £262,000 a year on OnlyFans has shared her incredible Christmas decorations – which have set her back £7,500.

Courtney Ann, 38, from Fort Worth, Texas, US, and husband Nick, 41, have been raking in the dough by sharing saucy snaps online, and now they are splashing the cash on making this Christmas their biggest yet.

The couple – who have two daughters aged 16 and 13 – have decked out their mansion with eight trees, including one that is 12ft tall.

But when it comes to gifts, they have a less traditional approach – opting to treat their daughters to lavish vacations to Disney World, Jamaica and cruises around the globe.

The home, which measures over 4,000 sq. ft, is covered in festive displays, with everything from the dining room table to the bedrooms transformed.

Snowmen are dotted around the property, alongside fairy lights and dozens of decorative ornaments.

On their decorations alone, the family has splashed a whopping £7,500 this year already.

“We love Christmas decorations and decorating as much as possible,” said Courtney, who goes by @texasthighs on Instagram.

“We like to make every inch feel like the magic of Christmas, and love to sit and take in all the decorations and lights and really feel the holiday spirit.

“I have always loved snowmen so we always include fun snowmen around the house and yard – that probably comes from living in Texas and rarely ever having snow, so I always longed for snow to build a snowman.

“Ever since we have had more space in our home, we now love including more Christmas trees around the house so that we can include more themes and colours and fun extras.”

She continued: “We have eight Christmas trees in the house that we put up and decorate. Our 12ft tree is the most fun with all the ornaments.

“I want people to be wowed and want to see all the little details and fun things we put up throughout the house.

“I want my decorations to make people feel happy and even nostalgic – I want everyone to have the same warm and fuzzy feelings I get.

“Our girls are growing up so fast, so we love seeing their faces still light up too.”

As well as showing their appreciation for the holidays through their lavish décor, the minted couple also like to dote on their loved ones with special gifts.

“We love to buy gifts for our friends and family – it’s fun to spoil the little ones as well as show our love to the adults as well,” said Courtney.

And as well as donating to charity, they award “special tips” to their “awesome helpers” including their cleaners and gardeners.

“We spend roughly $3,000 (£2,500) on gifts for our circle of friends and family,” the mum-of-two continued.

“Then of course we like to make our daughters feel extra special too – we work really hard to actually surprise them because they usually have the things they want and need already.”

This year, that means exciting trips to Jamaica and Disney World costing between $7-10,000 (£5,240-£7,490), plus a further $1-2,000 (£750- £1,500) spent on additional gifts for the girls.

But Christmas hasn’t always been quite so luxurious for the family.

Courtney explained: “We had years in the past where we struggled and worked extra hard to make things special.

“I would craft decorations by using stuff from the dollar store, we would scrape and use credit cards to buy the girls gifts.

“One year we even cleared out and cleaned up Nick’s personal iPad to give to our oldest who really wanted an iPad like her friends.

“We would go in the freezing cold for Black Friday deals and scope the buy sell trade sites for anything we could find to make it special and fun for them.

“Our girls are so sweet and they know Christmas isn’t about gifts but we know as kids from our own childhoods that it’s hard to see friends getting huge blowout Christmases while your family struggles – so we always wanted to surprise them as much as we could.

“Now, they are still the same sweet girls but we get to do even more fun Christmas events and spend time making fun holiday memories that we used to not be able to afford.”

This year, the parents have not needed to set a budget.

Courtney said: “We don’t really look at prices, we’re more centred on just making sure they each get equally surprised.

“It is definitely in the several thousands for the girls combined. The trips cost anywhere from $7-10,000 – plus whatever we spend while there – and then we spend another food $1-2,000 on the girls depending on what trip we book.

“They get gifts that coordinate with the trips, plus a few other things they want.

“Last year we did a fun scavenger hunt with small gifts and clues that led them to a final box with a Disney trip booked.

“To some it may seem excessive to spend that much on a holiday, but it’s something that is fun for the four of us.

“We don’t spend thousands on designed shoes or clothes or other excessive items, so Christmas is our big splurge and the time where we go all out.

“We get to have fun making our home a Christmas wonderland – as well as spoil our loved ones.”