Single dad masters caring for his daughter’s long curly hair after getting help online


A single dad determined to learn to care for his daughter’s curly hair has accomplished washing and even braiding her long locks after reaching out for help online.

Mike Trower, a dad-of-two, reached out to parents in a Facebook group a fortnight ago when at a loss for how to deal with three-year-old Lara’s long curls.

The south Devon local has been a single parent since 2018 after his relationship with his children’s mother ended.

Before crowd-sourcing to solve his dilemma, the doting dad said he had been “winging it” with his daughter’s hair.

Following his call out on social media, the 34-year-old was inundated with hundreds of messages from parents wanting to help.

And on Sunday, Mike proudly captured images showing Lara with a French plait that he managed to style.

“So last weekend with your help, Lara and I managed to crack washing and looking after her curls,” he wrote.

“We ended up learning pig tail plaits. This week we have attempted this. I think they’re French plaits?

“I haven’t watched any YouTube videos yet which would probably help me learn where to start them from.

“She likes them and I feel like I’ve disarmed a bomb.”

One image shows Lara beaming happily at the camera, whilst another shows the intricacy of the pigtail plaits that Mike masterfully weaved into her hair.

A separate video of Lara’s French plaits shows Mike asking Lara what she thinks of them.

She responds happily: “Great. I’m going to keep them in for the whole week, and forever.”

Mike then tells Lara that they will have to take her plaits out in the morning for school which is met with a frown from the tot.

Lara adorably replies: “But everyone will like them.”

Mike can be heard saying: “Shall we keep them in then?” before Lara nods.

Mike gained over 13,000 likes on his original post of the pigtail plaits, and over 900 comments from impressed parents.

One mum wrote: “Great job. I still can’t master this style after lots of practice. My poor pops just gets the bog standard ponytail or bun. You’re putting me to shame.”

Another mum said: “Yes they’re French plaits. They’re tricky too, you’ve done so well, they look lovely. That’s how I wish I could plait my hair.”

And another parent wrote: “Aww. That’s great. And she loves them. Well done. I can’t do these on myself and I’m 33.”

Mike today explained how he sought help after trying to brush Lara’s hair but finding it was “clogging up” the brush.

He said: “I hadn’t really thought about researching it because I see loads of women just brushing their hair. I didn’t know there was a specific way for certain hair types.

“I’ve managed to wing it with her hair for the last couple of years but it’s getting to the point where I had to ask help on a Facebook page.

“I had been practising plaits when I was baking bread, using three strands of bread dough and thought it was time to try it with her hair but I just couldn’t do it.

“I asked how to look after curly hair, and received a couple thousand comments.

“I took all what was said on board and the next day I bought all the stuff and did her hair properly.

“I then put a photo of the pigtail plaits that I did in Lara’s hair which got massive attention and there was a picture of a wig that I wear so she can brush my hair.”

Mike has now set up his own parenting blog centred around life as a single dad, looking after two children.

He added: “People thought it was cute and funny and asked for a video so I sent a video in too and people were telling me to make a blog about my parenting.

“So I did! It’s only been up for about a week so not long, but the amount of messages and support I’ve had is amazing.

“People want single dads to succeed.”